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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you make fair offers on houses?

A: Yes! A matter of fact, we usually pay more than other investors. We have had numerous people sell us multiple houses, plus we get a ton of referral business. One gentleman sold us over 35 houses (he owns rentals) spread out over a couple years. Why? Because we give fair offers, and take care of our customers - before & after the sale. 

Q: Where do you buy properties?
A: In the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. If your property is within one hour of an outlying suburb of D/FW, we still may buy it from you. 

Q: Do you buy homes that need repairs?
A: Yes! We buy homes in good and bad condition. You do NOT need to make any repairs. We will take care of any repairs, after closing.


Q: Would you buy a property with a renter?

A: Yes / all day long! And if you don't want to tell the tenant it is for sale, we can still buy the house from you (be sure to let us know if that's the case / and contact us for details).

Q: What do you do with my house after you buy it?

A: We buy houses for all sorts of reasons. A lot of the time we will rehab and update the home (which is usually very expensive), then resell it, yet sometimes we will rent it out to qualified tenants. No matter what our plan is - you still get paid cash at closing.

Q: How fast can you pay me for my home / close on my house?

A: Our offer will be made on the spot. Once you accept our offer, the contract is signed and the title is clear, we can close as fast as you need. On average, everything can be wrapped up / closed in just a week or two.

Q: Do you only buy houses?

A: We buy all kinds of real estate. We also buy condos, townhomes, mobile homes (with land only), commercial properties, and raw land. We have even purchased apartment buildings, car washes & churches! If it's real estate, we can give you an offer on it. =)


Q:  Will you charge me any fees?

A: The short answer is “no”. This is one of the main differences and advantages of selling your home directly to StevenBuysHomes.com, versus selling your home through a real estate agent OR many other investors. There are never any sales fees or commissions when you work with us. Our profits come after the sale, once we repair your home and find another buyer or renter (if we decide to keep the property instead of selling it). If you accept our offer, you get to keep all of the leftover cash for your house, after any outstanding bank loans, liens and closing fees are paid for (and sometimes we even pay the closing fees for you). Then you simply walk away without the burden of an unwanted property on your shoulders and hopefully a lot of much needed extra cash in your pocket. It’s that easy!

Q: How does StevenBuysHomes.com differ from the "instant offer" companies / aka iBuyers, that give me an offer without seeing my house first?

A: Here's a tip from who has been in the real estate business many years: in 95% of the cases --- you should *NEVER* sign a contract with someone to buy your house, without them seeing the inside of it first. Why? There are a few big "instant offer" companies based on the Internet, that will give you an offer on your house, site unseen. You may have seen their TV ads, radio ads, etc. They also call them iBuyers.  These companies will give you an offer online, and sign a contract with you online too, without first viewing your house. This is about the worst thing you can do. Why? What will happen is...they virtually always renegotiate the deal, and ask you to give them a gigantic / huge discount at a later date! Nearly every single time! After agreeing to a price that is artificially high, they send out some people to do a painstaking multiple hour (I have seen these take 4+ hours, depending on the company) extremely detailed inspection of the roof / foundation / the interior / etc - everything else - and then come back with a lowball offer. By the time this is all done, sometimes the homeowner is getting desperate to sell. So they are crossing their fingers that they will accept it. And if you don't accept their "new" lowball offer, they walk away. To me --- that's not a good way to do business. I understand some deals have to be renegotiated, but we rarely do that. Making it a standard practice to renegotiate virtually every single deal like the iBuyer's do...to me seems wrong. We prefer to look at the house first (which only takes 10 or 15 minutes), then give you an offer, & after that sign a contract - if you are satisfied with the offer. That keeps our customers happier for sure. And in the end, you usually get more money when dealing with us anyway.

Q: How does StevenBuysHomes.com differ from real estate brokers and agents?

A: Real estate brokers and real estate agents make money off of property listings. They market your home, while locking you into an exclusive seller’s agent contract for 6-12 months in most cases, which is the average time that it takes to sell a home in many areas today. Their only goal is to make a total or partial commission on your home when and if it eventually sells, based on which agent finds a buyer for your property. With agent commissions averaging around 5%-6% of a home’s sales price, owners can easily lose thousands of dollars in the process of selling a home, when using an agent. But what’s worse is the prospect of a home that doesn’t sell. Owners really take a hit, when they’re locked in a home selling contract, losing money on a property every month, that’s often located in a depressed housing market which is also probably worth much less than what they owe to the bank. Homeowners in dire situations like this really can’t afford to wait on a real estate agent to find a buyer for their home. That’s where professional property buyers like us come in. Our company can make an all-cash offer on your property and you can close the deal, pay off your mortgage and even possibly walk away with some much needed cash in your hand in a little as 7 days, instead of waiting months on end to get rid of your unwanted property. We’re not like traditional buyers who comb over a foot-long checklist when buying a property. We’re not looking for a home in a certain neighborhood, a certain school district or a certain location close to our job. We’re looking for properties with only one thing in mind: is it a good investment that we can quickly buy, repair and sell (or rent) for a profit?

Q: Do you have any additional questions?

A: Please ask us! We'd love to answer them for you.

Call us at 972-514-7355, to talk with us, or to arrange getting an all cash offer on your house



Some reviews, from a few of hundreds of satisfied customers

 "Thanks for everything! You made it simple, fair and less stressful! I will recommend you in the future" - Phanae [sold us a house in Terrell]

"Steve and Craig are true professionals. The made the home selling experience quick & easy. I got a real deal and had zero problems. I highly recommend their efficient and skillful service". - D. Thompson (sold us a condominium in Dallas)


"Hey Steve, just an FYI, I wanted to say thanks...the funds were received, past loan paid off and my wife and I really appreciate and enjoyed working with you. We were very impressed with how smooth and easy the process was. Again, thanks for everything!" - Buck (sold us a house in Arlington)

"Thank You! This was a fair and fast deal!" - Mike (sold us a house in rural / northeast Collin County, near Farmersville)

"Hey. Thanks for reaching out and great working with you. Thanks for making it super easy!! Appreciate it!!" - Dvir (sold us a house in McKinney)

“Thank you so much for your help throughout this process. This has greatly helped my family and me” - Julian (sold us a house in Plano)

“Thanks Steve for everything! It was great doing business with you! You really got me out of a jam by buying the house so fast!” - Eugene (sold us a house in Dallas)

"Your offer was higher than I anticipated, and I could not have been happier with the fast closing" - Eric (sold us a  house in Ft Worth)